There are times in every business where workplace motivation dips, times when people forget what made them great as a team or the reason ‘why’ is lost.

That’s where Brad comes in.

The UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker

Yes he wears jeans, T-shirts and has tattoos. It’s all part of the magic, the charm; the charismatic approach of understanding that to be a success in business it’s not what’s on the outside it’s about having a positive mindset. Brad is the founder and MD of a business networking company that runs 5,000+ events every year in the UK alone. He’s also written the highest rated and reviewed business books on Amazon. Brad knows his stuff. Inside out.

But it wasn’t always like that…

  • He is an amazing business speaker, who truly engages and energises audiences with his humour, anecdotes, he shakes up thinking.
  • He makes things happens, he bring teams back together, reigniting hunger for success.
  • Whether it’s talking to a room of 1 man bands, or sales teams of multinationals Brad’s words and actions land with everyone.

The world is full of motivational speakers, but there is only one who truly wears the T-shirt… and you can book him!

See Brad in Action
Brad Burton / Rachel Elnaugh